The brand new X-formula "Wild Kingdom" PRO series is here at ESS! These are comprised of some of the most high-tech performance urethane available on today's market. Your friends here at ESS can attest to it (we've skated them!) Call up your rep and checkout the fresh X-formula drop!


Shop Bones X-formula at ESS now!

A fresh release of Pvblic Domain grip is in! We've got multiple new styles to up your setup in the most artistic way.



Shop the new drop + more from Pvblic Domain at ESS today!

ESS is excited to announce the addition of Quasi Skateboards to our shelves!

Quasi Skateboards began life under the moniker Mother. The idea for the company came after Alien Workshop’s shutdown the prior summer, with the former Workshop riders and Sect member Chad Bowers putting a new company into motion, which would ultimately become Quasi. It boasts a team of Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, and Tyler Bledsoe and more, and has earned a cult following. Quasi stays outputting the sickest of graphics and goods on a constant basis, and we at ESS are hyped to bring these goods to your shop!

Shop the brand new selection of Quasi Skateboards at ESS today!

The new Heroin Skateboards Summer drop is here, featuring so many awesome new shapes and graphics by Hirotton, Lucas Blackarms, and of course Fos!

Shop all things Heroin at ESS now to get your hands on this hot new drop!

A huge shipment from Landyachtz is now live on the ESS site! Cruisers, longboards, dancers, and everything in between...Landyachtz has you covered for the summer. This new drop features a fresh variety of graphics: we've got the Pocket Knife, Tugboat, ATV Classic, Ditch Life, and Dinghy Shape 9⁠ in stock just to name a few....

Landyachtz certainly knows how to load a bunch of performance into a rad little package and offers the perfect setup for everything from cruising to freeriding to racing.


Don't miss out on this drop, shop the full selection of Landyachtz at ESS now!

The brand new "Hillz" series decks from Zero Skateboards are in! These fully dipped boards feature artwork from Louis Cheung and are available in 8.25, 8.37, and 8.5.


Shop this new drop and more from Zero Skateboards at ESS now!

New goods from Slave Skateboards have arrived including the all new Quitting Time series, available in 8.25, 8.75, 8.375, 8.5, and 9.0 so there's something for everyone! ESS has also got Slave's "Hand in Hand" and "Technical Difficulties" team series fully stocked from your shop.

Call up your rep to get your hands on all the latest from Slave!


Shop the full selection of Slave Skateboards at ESS!

Introducing Slappy Trucks Lights! Built to be tougher and stronger with a forged base plate, inverted hollow kingpin and hollow axle. These trucks require no break in period, have the best grind clearance, and possess the most responsive turn on today's skateboard truck market. Call up your friendly rep to get your hands on these, available in a full size run and three fun colors: blue, red, and gold!!


Shop the full and extensive selection of  Slappy Trucks at ESS now!!

Behold from the sovereign sect, the new Spring 2024 pro models from Alien Workshop! Shop all new graphics for pros Frankie Spears, Joey O'Brien, Sammy Montano, and Yajé Popson!


Shop the wide selection of Alien Workshop at ESS today!

Fresh Finesse X Sonic the Hedgehog has landed at ESS! Launched in 1997 by Steven and Rod James, Finesse is a skate, art, and lifestyle brand offering special licensed and non-licensed graphics from anime, video game and comic book directed, designed and illustrated by Steven James.


Shop the full selection of Finesse at ESS now!

Just in at ESS, these reissue shapes and graphics from Birdhouse Skateboards with modern concave are an absolute fan favorite!!! We've got the Vulture 10.25 x 32.75, Skull 2 9.37 x 32.5, and Crest 9.75 x 32. Call your ESS rep today to get your hands on these, they'll go fast!


Shop the latest and greatest from the legendary Birdhouse Skateboards at ESS today!

Spring is here and so are these sick new tie-dye patterns and "Smell the Flowers" line from the mighty Grizzly Griptape! Check out all the other new designs that hit the site today


Shop all things Grizzly Griptape at ESS now!

Introducing the all new Pepper XG grip! An all new formula with more grippiness inspired by Max Palmer. XG: extra grippy and extra tough for dusty spots and harsh weather.


Feel the difference with the new Pepper XG grip at ESS today!

Pro AF1 Ace Trucks from Brian Anderson and Deedz will be available soon: the BA pro truck in AF1 the DEEDZ truck with custom graphic and engravings in AF1 hollow! These pack all the bells and whistles that we love to see in a good pro truck, and they're available in 44, 55, and 66.


Shop the full selection of Ace Trucks at ESS today!


A fresh batch of Strangelove Skateboards has rolled in and just now hit the ESS site!
We're really stoked on the Famous MONSTERS decks featuring artwork from none other than the legendary Sean Cliver! Shops, touch base with our sales reps to get your hands on these beauties!


Shop the full selection of Strangelove Skateboards at ESS now!

The 2nd Spring drop from There Skateboards has hit the ESS shelves and its packed with beautiful goodies from their new artist series, a collab with Dripper World! You're gonna want to get your hands on these new graphics for Chandler Burton, Jessyka Bailey, Marbie, and Cher Strauberry fast.


Shop There Skateboards at ESS today!

Fresh Doomsayers is back on the ESS shelves and we've got a lot to offer, including assorted colored stained veneers for their Corp Guy deck in sizes 8.1” & 8.3”! New graphics and a grip sheet, check out all ESS has to offer from Doomsayers and more online now!


Shop the latest Doomsayers Club drop at ESS now!

Protect your eyes and look good doing it with none other than Happy Hour Shades. We've got a fresh selection featuring a wide range of styles and colors, there's something for everyone!


Shop all things Happy Hour at ESS today!

World Industries is an iconic brand to exist within skateboarding that a lot of us grew up with in the 90s and early 2000s...polarizing figures like Flame boy, Devilman, and Wet willy would be the graphics many of us gravitated towards when thumbing through the latest mail order catalogs. It's safe to say that they are still here, still killing it and don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!!!

This new batch of World Industries decks is absolutely amazing and ready to hit your shelves! Don't miss out on these graphics, give your rep a call today.

Shop the latest and greatest from World Industries at ESS!


Ripndip has blessed us with a huge drop of fresh decks and soft goods here at ESS! All new graphics on boards, socks, hats, backpacks and MORE (like slippers). There's even some Ripndip X World Industries limited edition collab goods...


Check out the all new Ripndip at ESS now and give your friendly rep a call!

The first Spring drop of 2024 from Opera Skateboards is live now on the ESS site! We've got a stunning array of beautiful stains, wood grains, and drop dead gorgeous art work ready to roll your way. If you like shapes, wheel wells, and awesome graphics, this Opera drop is for you.


Call your ESS rep and check out the new Opera Skateboards drop at ESS today!

Fresh wood from Jacuzzi Unlimited is ready to fly off the ESS shelves and into your local shop! Call your ESS rep to get your hands on this fun drop.


Shop the full selection of Jacuzzi Unlimited at ESS now

Powell Peralta's new PRIMOS are now available at ESS! Proprietary Soft Slide Formula allow you to ride a softer wheel for faster roll speed but with a slide like a harder wheel. They have a smaller core for more urethane depth, it’ll roll faster and smoother for the cruiser, but being poured in our top tier 75a and 82a SSF variants it’ll slide like butter. Stronger and more durable, these wheels will allow you to progress whether you're a beginner learning to slide or an expert who wants the very best!!!


Shop Primos from Powell Peralta at ESS now!!!!

ESS has a fresh drop of Psockadelic socks on our shelves! Plenty of new styles and colorways including the angel boy and flower crew socks that are perfect for that special someone.....just in time for Valentine's Day.


 Shop the full selection of Psockadelic socks that ESS has to offer today!



Thes new Baker Skateboards X Nasty Neckface TOXIC RATS series decks are now available at ESS, and they won't last long! Each deck comes with a poster, so call your reps to grab one or all five!

And don't forget to checkout Baker has a Deathwish Part II 

Shop the latest and greatest from Baker Skateboards today!

ESS has received a new supply of Spitfire Wheels we're ready to roll your way! New models including the new Lil Beatdowns in 43, 48, & 52mm and Big Beatdowns in 60, 62, & 66.6mm


Shop the full Spitfire selection today

From the Spring '24 drop of Venture Trucks comes Carlisle Aikens' new Pro truck! Slick features on this sick colorway: hollow axle and hollow kingpin, available in 5.2 or 5.6. These will go quick!


Call your rep and shop the Spring selection of Venture Trucks at ESS today!

The new Spring 2024 drop of There Skateboards is ready to roll from our ESS shelves to yours, and this drop is too good to miss. Fun graphics for team riders Kien Caples, Shag, Marbie Miller, and Chandler Burton


Shop the full selection of There Skateboards at ESS!

Titan Skateboard pro skate tools are stocked up at ESS and ready to go! One of the smallest and most convenient skate tools on the market, Titan is a skater-owned company with the goal to solve the age-old problem of T-tools being too big to truly skate with in your pocket. This small tool packs the abilities of 8 skate tools in the size of two house keys: wheel wrench, kingpin wrench, 3/8 truck wrench, phillips screwdriver, allen/hex wrench, grip-tape file, bottle opener, and grip saw (pro keys only)!


Shop the mighty Titan Skateboard pro tools at ESS today!

New Spitfire Wheels Conical Full LIL SMOKIES are here and despite the cold weather, they are absolutely on fire! We've got 48mm x 99's, and these sure go fast.


Call your rep and shop the latest and greatest from Spitfire at ESS today!

The highly sought after WIDE BOYS wheels from Snot Wheel Company are available to purchase now! ESS has got a wide range of sizes and color ways for these you won't want to miss! Give your rep a call today!


Shop Wide Boys and the full Snot Wheel Co selection at ESS now!


Designed for simplicity, functionality, and strength, Rogue Trucks optimize performance at every level of riding! A dominant force in the downhill truck realm, we're stoked to offer the new ROGUE CAST TRUCK 160mm/48° !


Shop Rogue at ESS now

New Santa Monica Airlines NATAS Decks have hit the site and are ready to roll out!

Shop Santa Monica Airlines at ESS

The brand new Girl Skateboards x Hello Kitty and Friends collab is in!! We've got multiple decks, shirts, pins, stickers, + more from this new drop featuring the iconic Sanrio characters. You don't wanna miss these.


Shop Girl Skateboards' Hello Kitty drop at ESS today!

Bob Burnquist is heavily regarded as one of the most legendary and storied skateboarders of all time, pushing vert skating to new heights and creating a vast number of tricks throughout the years. It's safe to say that Bob is an absolute KING in the realm of skateboarding. With that being said....we are delighted to bring his brand Burnkit to Eastern Skateboard Supply!

Go have a look at this run of rad new decks and give our reps a call to stop your shop! Shop Burnkit at ESS today!

Blood Wizard's new Mercyful Fate X Chris Gregson limited edition boards plus EXCITER decks have landed at ESS! These won't last sure to call your friendly Eastern Rep today!


Shop Blood Wizard at ESS

Bridging the gap between skateboarding, balance and training, Eastern Skateboard Supply is very excited to bring another up and coming brand to you...TWOB-Sport!

Stretch and tone your body while having fun: the TWOB-SPORT balance boards allow you to become aware of each part of your body. They are perfect for yogis and Pilates practitioners who want to optimize and complete their practice while bringing fun and safety.

Whether you are a beginner or a high level athlete, the TWOB-SPORT balance boards will accompany you in your daily sports practices and bring a new impetus to your training routine by reinforcing your posture and your balance.


Shop TWOB balance boards at ESS today!!!

New from Thunder Trucks..... Jamie Foy's Screaming Banshee Pro Hollow Lights are in stock!!! Available in 147,148, and 149!


Shop the new drop and more from Thunder Trucks at ESS!

ESS is super excited to have all the latest shapes and sizes of flight decks in stock from Powell Peralta! 

Powell-Peralta FLIGHT™ decks are stronger, thinner (as thin as your phone), and lighter than an average 7-ply...but don't just take our word for it, check out this strength test of #flightdeckconstruction!


Shop flight decks and more new in stock from Powell Peralta today at ESS!

Take all your rolling essentials with you wherever you go! This new rolling kit from Revelry comes with a hemp tray, hemp 2-piece grinder, and hemp papers. Plus we've got Revelry's new smell-proof padded + lockable pipe kit complete with a glass spoon pipe, hemp 2-piece grinder, and pipe tool...all your session essentials.


Shop the holiday gifts like bags, smell-proof pouches, grinders + more from Revelry Supply today at ESS!

Powell Peralta's Dragon Formula NANO CUBIC wheels have landed at ESS!

Taking design cues and overall aesthetics from the original MINI-CUBIC, a wheel designed by George Powell in the 80's,
the new NANO-CUBIC is a scaled down version of that wheel that puts every detail of practicality and purpose in one complete package...and we are excited to now be offering the POWELL Dragon Formula NANO-CUBIC wheels in 97a and 93a hardness in 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, and 60mm!

Don't miss out on the same classic design advantages of the legendary Cubic and Mini-Cubic now reconceived for today's skating utilizing Powell's amazing Dragon™ Formula.


Give your ESS rep a call today and shop Powell Peralta's full selection at ESS today!

New decks and soft goods from the good people at Lovesick Skateboards have just rolled in and are ready to roll out to your shop! Fresh new graphics and hats are the perfect gift...

Shop the latest from Lovesick Skateboards at Eastern now!

Fresh goods from Grizzly Griptape have hit the ESS site! Grip, shirts, and hoodies just in time for the holiday season....don't miss these stocking stuffers, get 'em while they're hot!


Shop the brand new selection of Grizzly Griptape at ESS today!

The latest and greatest from Jacuzzi Unlimited has landed at ESS and it's all the buzz! From their stacked team to the epic new video "LaVic" they just's hard not to be in awe of what Jacuzzi is doing both in, and for skateboarding!


Shop all the new Jacuzzi Unlimited offerings at ESS today!

Autobahn Wheel Co has been making high preference urethane at a very affordable price for as long back as we can remember...this new batch of nexus and AB-S models does not disappoint one bit!


Shop the full selection of Autobahn Wheel Co at ESS today!

The Glassy Eyewear x Coors Light eco-friendly eyewear collaboration is out of this world cool and available NOW at ESS! Made from multi-ply maple wood to give a whole new meaning to “Made To Chill,” this drop would make the perfect gift for that special someone this holiday season!


Don't wait, shop the Glassy X Coors Light collab + the full Glassy Eyewear selection at ESS today!

Fresh goods from the farm are in! ESS has some very rad new decks in from our friends at Snake Farm Co....including the new BOOM STICK color ways and a WAR SURFER cruiser deck that's ready for any battle!!!


Shop the full selection of Snake Farm Co at ESS now!

New Thunder Trucks X Gas Giants trucks are here! We've got this sick collab available in two sizes, 147 and 149!


Shop this drop and more from Thunder Trucks at ESS today!

Slide on into the week with a fresh restock of RIB-BONES and TAILBONES from Powell Peralta! We've got multiple sizes ready to complete your setup, plus more skate accessories you need.


As always, we offer same-day shipping and no order minimums...give us a call!


Shop Powell Peralta as ESS today!

A fresh wave of Alien Workshop is live on our ESS site now and ready to shred!!! Christmas is right around the corner and we have been busy stocking the shelves with all the necessary essentials for the holiday season including completes!


Don't miss out, shop the full selection of Alien Workshop at ESS today

To any and all Gwar fans out there...we have a limited number of these Volatile Skateboards x Gwar decks in stock! These won't last long so be sure and give your rep a call today!!!


Shop Volatile Skateboards at ESS!

New hard goods from Sandlot Times are online now at ESS and ready to rip! The latest drop includes the new Sandlot Times x Soloraise team deck in an 8.25 inspired by Puerto Rican mixed media artist, Xava Maldonado!


Shop all new Sandlot Times at ESS today!

The new WALKER Masters of Skateboarding deck is now available through Eastern Skateboard Supply! This deck features many different legendary names in skateboarding including Eastern's head honcho Reggie Barnes! ESS is honored to carry this run, which is available in 3 sizes: 8.0, 8.25, and 8.5 on 7-ply maple hardwood.


Shop the Walker Masters of Skateboarding deck and the rest of the Walker selection at ESS today!

Zero's Fright Night pro model series is in! Decks for Dane Burman, Tommy Sandoval, Gabriel Summers, and James Brockman are here with a green glow in the dark effect on assorted top color veneers. This is a drop you don't wanna miss.


Get your hands on all things Zero Skateboards at ESS now!

The new Graveyard series from Birdhouse is available now through ESS featuring special artwork by Tim Baron!  Grab the haunting new graphics for your shop just in time for Halloween with SAME-DAY shipping from ESS.


Shop the full legendary selection of Birdhouse Skateboards now!

The new Jordan Trahan "Hurricane Party" part for Pepper Grip is an absolute heater and the crew at ESS recommends giving it a watch!!

Filmed throughout the greater New Orleans area by more that a dozen of Jordans friends. This part shines a light on Jordan's ability to make rugged terrain look smooth and skate anything in his path. A special appearance by Phil Santosuosso rounds it out and offers a glimpse into how tight the scene is."


Shop all things Pepper Grip at ESS today!

Swampy is Pro for Heroin Skateboards! Just in at ESS is Swampy's new 9.25" egg featuring classic graphic magic from Mark Foster.


Grab it as it hits the site + all the latest from Heroin Skateboards at ESS today!


Come get your hands on the killer new Primitive SkateFranky Villani x Halloween drop! Decks, hoodies, and shirts will be available very soon just in time for the the 31st...

Pay homage to a Halloween classic and give your reps a call


Shop the full Primitive Skate selection at ESS today

New Bones supply! We've got some fresh pro wheels from Bones Wheels hitting the site, including X-formulas for Jaws, Dakota Servold, Ryan Decenzo, Kevin Kowalski, and Aurelian Giraud.

Multiple sizes so there's something for every skater.


Shop the latest drop of Bones Wheels at ESS today!

From Girl Skateboards comes their new Tangram series for Simon Bannerot, Rowan Davis, and Griffin Gass! ESS has it on shelves and ready to roll out into your shop...give your rep a call and grab the latest from the greatest!


Shop ESS' extensive supply of Girl Skateboards today!

There's a new brand at ESS....Jacuzzi Unlimited! From the visionary mind of Louie Barletta comes a fresh brand with a team of familiar faces as showcased in their new video, Monnie, out now. Decks, stickers, shirts, and hoodies....Jacuzzi is putting fun back in skateboarding and it's here to stay!

ESS is fully stocked on the new Jacuzzi drop, and it's one you don't wanna miss.


Shop Jacuzzi Unlimited at ESS today


The entire Uma Landsleds "STREAMS" collection is out now and in stock at ESS! Fresh decks featuring rad artwork by Mark Penxa to accompany the newest video drop "Streams" featuring the team tearing up SoCal.

Give your reps a call and ask for the Uma goods!!

Shop "STREAMS" and the full Uma selection at ESS today!

We are stocked up on all the latest and greatest from Skate One and we're stoked on these Powell mini cruisers and micro cruisers!!!!


Shop the full fresh selection of Powell at ESS today!

We are very excited to announce that the mighty Opera Skateboards has landed at Eastern Skateboard Supply and we are here for it!

Amazing boards with some incredible shapes and finishes, some big the best graphics we have seen in awhile and a stacked team full of absolute's safe to say that Opera is here to stay.


Shop the brand new selection of Opera Skateboards at Eastern today!

There's nothing like fresh DGK! ESS is fully stocked on the latest from DGK, including the new Blossom Crew Clan Series. Clean graphics with vibrant don't wanna miss this drop!

We've also got re-ups on classic DGK decks and some new lenticular boards!


Shop the latest DGK selection at ESS today!

Ripndip X @worldindustries collab has landed at ESS and is available online now! Decks, t-shirts, and hats with fresh twists on classic graphics are ready to roll out. Shops, make sure and contact your Eastern sales rep to make sure you get a piece of the action. These won't last long...


Shop the full Ripndip x World Industries collab now!

Summer time might be coming to a close for a lot of us, but one essential item to have season after season is a good ole surf wax remover! Our surf department at ESS is fully stocked up on Pickle Wax removers! Each pack comes with a Sticky Bumps wax comb and a pickle sticker.
Call one of our sales reps today...they know the dill.


Shop Pickle Wax Remover at ESS today!

Pepper Grip G5 Black grip is in! ESS is allll stocked up on Pepper Grip so be sure to give one of our Sales Reps a call today to load up on some of the best grip in the game. Check out Ronnie Kessner's grip process + immaculate flatground in our Pepper's latest "Surface Files" video while you're at it!


Shop Pepper Grip at ESS today!

We love skateboarding.
The freedom of expression it offers, the many different styles and tricks that come along with it And the many different ways to ride. Skateboarding is pure fun!!!

Jeff Dechesare has carved out his own lane in street skateboarding and holds a unique bag of tricks untouched by many other skaters.
We are super stoked to hear that Jeff is now pro for KFD!!!! Well deserved Jeff, it's been a long time coming!

Jeff's new decks will be up for grabs soon, so keep checking ESS's KFD selection!

Zero Skateboard's "End Of Time" series featuring art by Ezra Syahdian and the "Dog Eat Dog" series by Attak is available now at ESS!


Shop the full selection of Zero Skateboards at ESS today!

Shops, we're fully stocked up on the latest soft goods and accessories from Thrasher Magazine and there is some serious heat in this batch!! Check out all the latest including a tribute to the legendary Jake Phelps.


Shop the newest selection of Thrasher at ESS today

This Summer's gone Sour! The latest graphics and soft goods from Sour Solution are in stock at ESS, just in time for Gustav Tønnesen's "This Is Not The New Sour Video" drop featuring the former and Tyler Surrey, Vincent Huhta, Oscar Candon, Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Axel Berggren, and Martin Sandberg.


Grab the latest apparel and popsicle shapes from ESS' selection of Sour Solution

Summer may be winding down but the UV index is in full force! Get UV protection and look sick doing it with the newest selection of Glassy eyewear.

Glassy "Sunhaters" was founded by two brothers "Vince and Mikemo Capaldi" in 2011, with the idea of starting a price point sunglass brand. The entire operation of Glassy was born out of their house with only two sunglass styles and a small online store. The brand quickly became recognized in the skateboarding industry by sponsoring some of the top professional skateboarders, which helped expand the brand into thousands of retail locations around the world...and ESS has the latest drop ready to hit your shop!


Shop Glassy at ESS today!

The new ACE AF1 80/10.0 Polished is in! All new 10 inch trucks for the wide board lovers, hardware, risers, axle and kingpin re-threader sets, ready to hit your shelves.

The ACE AF1 features game changing performance without deviating from the original Ace geometry. Carefully manufactured using a proprietary casting process, it has a 70% increase in structural integrity making it the strongest cast truck on the market, and now ESS has it in 10.0.


Shop the full selection of ACE Trucks at ESS today!

Primitive x Guns N' Roses collection has landed at Eastern! Founded in Los Angeles, Guns N' Roses skyrocketed to prominence in the late 1980s, reshaping the landscape of music with their explosive sound and rebellious image. These goods won't last long, so be sure to give your Rep a call today!!

Shop the full selection of Primitive Skate today at ESS

New bags from Revelry are here...the overall quality and versatility of this batch is top notch!
Check out the wide selection of new hip packs, backpacks, wallets, and pouches today!


Shop Revelry Supply at Eastern Skateboard Supply!

All new Deluxe goods have arrived, including a Real Skateboards new pro board for Patrick Praman and an Antihero x Joe Buffalo guest model. PLUS we're hyped to house the new Gonz x Spitfire capsule collaboration. A super fun full collection including Formula Fours, 80HD, apparel, & accessories from the mind of legend Mark Gonzales.

Fresh Rip N Dip has landed at ESS! Lots of new decks, soft goods, and accessories like totes and patches are ready to roll out...the perfect summer collection for your shop!


Shop the latest Rip N Dip selection now and give your rep a call!

The Dogtown Skate 70s series has arrived at Eastern Skateboard Supply!
Return of the 70s classic shapes or shapes with modern concave, Dogtown has something for everyone, including the Bigfoot model coming in at 11.875 x 30.75. Bull Dog, Red Dog & PC Tail Tap...OG 70s shapes with a mellow concave and tail kick plus 70s Rider decks. Featuring art by Wes Humpston. Decks, shirts, hats, patches, pins, and stickers all available now!


Shop Dogtown Skate at ESS today!

New Bones Wheels X-formula 99a wheels have been loaded up on the ESS shelves! X- formula wheels are known for offering the best in durability, speed, grip and slide...a perfect balance of fast and smooth!


Shop the newest selection of Bones Wheels at ESS today!

Lots of new Deluxe goods hitting the website today! Spitfire wheels, bags, hardware and one very cool looking set of Silas Baxter Neal Pro Edition Thunder Trucks available in 148 and 149.


Shop new arrivals at ESS now!

The modern skateboard truck has come a long way in technical improvements...better parts and premium raw materials...further advancements in more responsive turning geometry...hollow or lower kingpins for better grind clearance.

It's clear that many brands across the market have something to offer, but what brand offers the whole package?

We have found through heavy use and testing, that Slappy Trucks checks all boxes for best skateboard truck in 2023!!!


In short, they turn better, grind smoother and last longer than any other Skateboard truck offered on today's market.

Top to bottom, hanger to base plate you would be hard pressed to find a better truck!

We are fully stocked up on sizes of standard, hollow, inverted and inverted hollow kingpin!

Shops, give us a call for everything Slappy and shop the full selection online now!

The highly anticpated Primitive x Call Of Duty capsule collection is available NOW at ESS! We've got the latest decks, huge banners, and graphic tees from the drop on our shelves and  ready to hit your shop.

Call up your reps to grab the latest Primitive + MORE from ESS today!

Shop Primitive x Call of Duty at ESS

Summer time is officially here and ESS has the perfect tool for getting some beach time shred in: Zap Skimboards are fully stocked up in all shapes and sizes! We've got the Mini Lazer, fish tail 47" and multiple wedge models just to name a few.
We also have all the tail pads, arch bars, and wax you need for that fun in the sun.

Shop summer essentials at ESS!

We have the burning hot Spitfire Wheels Lil Smokies in tablet and conical shapes, 48mm and 50mm, 101a or 99a.
Shops, give your sales rep a call for these and a wide variety of other Spitfire wheels!


Shop the full Spitfire selection of wheels and apparel at ESS today!

A fresh batch of Zero decks and soft goods are on the shelves and ready to roll! Bold floral pro graphics, Misfits fiend skull decks, and the new glow in the dark team board are just a couple of stand out favorites!


Shop the full selection of Zero Skateboards at ESS today!

New Doomsayers is IN at ESS! We've got the fresh Snake Shake 3D Raised Ink series in assorted sizes for Doomsayers Omar Salazar, Eli WilliamsTaihou Tokura. This new drop is a sick twist on the OG models and you don't wanna miss!


Shop Doomsayers full selection

Ramptech is back in stock at ESS! We're carrying two new grind rails and 2 new boxes built by the skater owned and operated Ramptech, founded by skate veteran Mike Mapp in 1986.

The 5-0 Grind Rails come in a rounded or squared shape and 5 adjustable height settings + anti-slip pads on the bottom. They're powder coated and and built to last with durable galvanized steel. The 5' Mini Box and Angle Box are easy to assemble, built with custom HDO Exterior top and side panels, galvanized steel, and paint sealed edges.

Mike applied his passion for the skate industry and years of experience skating for brands like Uncle Wiggley skateboards, Gullwing trucks and Bullet wheels to Ramptech product development. He holds numerous patents for skate ramp technology and was the first to introduce kicker ramps, grindrails and “Phenolic” ramp surfaces (ex: Ramp Armor, Skatelite) to market. Ramptech is committed to crafting American made, high quality, weather resistant exterior ramps for SKATEPARKS and the SKATE AT HOME ™ skater....they do it right the first time!

Shop Ramptech at ESS now!



Ripndip is now available at ESS! We're stocked on all the latest: wax, socks, shirts, boards, and hats to keep you covered. Check out the new selection and call your rep to secure some goods!


Shop Ripndip at Eastern Skateboard Supply now!

ESS has received a fresh supply of Girl Skateboards, complete with the new L7 Girl Magic series, Schoolyard series, Letterpress series + MORE!

The legendary Breezy has teamed up with the legendary Donita Sparks of the band L7 for this special capsule encapsulating all things rad, and we've got it all!


You don't wanna miss the new selection of Girl Skateboards at ESS! Call your reps to get your hands on all the new Crailtap goods.

ESS is hyped to now offer Waltz Skateboards! Waltz is a community of freestyle skaters focused on making skateboarding more fun for everyone, whether you're a seasoned professional or a total beginner. Created by world pro freestyle skater Mike Osterman and Daniel Trujillo, Waltz Skateboarding is all about keeping the radness of freestyle skateboarding alive and embracing all the quirks that come with it.


Check out the new drop of Waltz freestyle boards at ESS today!

Una Farrar is PRO for Krooked Skateboards! Her new pro model is on the shelves at ESS now, available in both an 8.28 and 8.5 True Fit!

Hailing from Canada, 24 year old Farrar has been steadily ripping the streets worldwide. Her sponsors include Dime, Spitfire, Thunder, Vans, and Krooked (as a Pro)! She's driven by an appreciation for new experiences and a creative eye, whether on her board or behind the lens (her VX is never far from hand) and never lets a slam end a session. We love to see it!

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It's happy hour at ESS! Summer is right around the corner and in preparation, ESS is packing the shelves with some serious UV protection! These new Happy Hour shades are sure to keep you looking as stylish as ever, no matter the occasion. Their new model "The Dukes" are available in multiple colors, as well as the "Wolf Pup" and "Oxford" shades...and ESS has got 'em all!


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Zero Skateboards has released a second series with legendary Polish oil painter Mariusz Lewandowski in honor of his passing last year. The series is in stock now at ESS along with Zero's "Ballpoint Pen" pro decks by Ilo Künst.

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From Long Beach, California comes Space Pupil! ESS has their new collection of decks featuring artwork by skater and world-renowned artist Andrew Schoultz, hand-screened and ready to roll out. A very limited edition capsule in stock boasts a matching print and board combo that comes with a hand worked lithograph print.

"SPACE PUPIL is two branches of the same tree, SPACE is the vehicle, voice, and marketing resource for PUPIL. PUPIL is the heart and brain network of the organization. SPACE & PUPIL work together help deliver a message and vision intended to create a brighter perspective and more beautiful world. PUPIL – People Uplifting People In Life is the name of the Grassroots Organization that got its humble start in 1995. This concept and love for learning from PUPIL’s core belief. Through action and involvement, PUPIL nurtures positive growth within the community. PUPIL has hosted a range of events, music and art shows, skate jams, and street fairs developing healthy connections in our community. Currently partnering with Grindline Skateparks, Save the Turf and the city of Greenfield to help resurrect the legendary Turf Skatepark. Quality, Function & Sustainability are three words that embody the products produced by SPACE. This is the SPACE standard, providing a glimpse, and expanding the perception of what Sustainable Fashion can be."

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Fresh Uma Landsleds have arrived at the ESS warehouse...complete with a 9.o Cosmic Egg and eye-catching new graphics for Uma rippers Maite, Cody Chapman, Evan Smith, and Roman Pabich.


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ESS is hyped to offer Leap Boards' new Trainer Grip! The perfect learning tool for any beginner skater, the Trainer Grip is available for both goofy and regular footed skaters to give guidance on board foot placement!

About Leap: "It all started on a Leap Year. We make the strongest skateboard decks, made 100% in the USA. We are independently owned. Our brand is a grassroots company focused on providing quality boards, apparel, and other gear for riders like us. Pushing for a purpose! Everything we do is for the Creator."

Don't miss out on this sick asset for your shop's local riders. Call your ESS rep today and shop Leap's Trainer Grip!

New Toy Machine is HERE and ESS has the full range of the “Mind Control” series! Six new decks for the Pro team featuring art from none other than Ed Templeton.


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Fresh drop from Real Skateboards is IN! Lots of new models for the Pro team plus a new Storyboard series for Zion Wright, Mason Silva, and Jimmy Wilkins and the Spectrum Distortion series with multi-colored veneers.


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Rocket Longboards is celebrating 10 years of business with an anniversary downhill line revamp of their most popular collection!

“Even though owner Dani Iseli's history of board construction began earlier, the first ROCKET boards officially went over the counter in 2013. We want to celebrate that. Even though we are now represented in different disciplines, our heart still beats for downhill. That's what we started with and that's what we're still passionate about. That's why we have completely revised our downhill line for 2023 which we will release on March 23rd, 2023.”

Shop the anniversary downhill line + more from Rocket at ESS now!

Thrasher has teamed up with Alien Workshop to bring the latest Sovereign Sect drop with an iconic twist. Six new graphics + an egg shape, a complete, and a tribute to legend Jake Phelps are ready to roll out from ESS now! Plus Thrasher and The Workshop teamed up and the crew headed down South to get clips and Sammy Montano, Frankie Spears, Joey O'brien, Kevin Liedtke and Jordan Powell delivered!


Shop the Thrasher x Alien Workshop collab drop at ESS before its gone!

From Powell comes the new green urethane Green Dragons. The popular Dragon Formula™ (DF) Urethane used to create these wheels is another industry leading innovation from Powell Peralta. DF-93A Dragons will not only roll over rough terrain, but also grip and slide like 99A and 101A wheels do, so that you can do all your normal tricks and more on the greater range of skate terrains made skateable by its softer 93A hardness. Dragons slide on both rough and smooth terrains, and also grip when you need it. This is because Dragon Formula is not just an ordinary mid-90’s wheel formula. It has been developed over a ten year period to optimize and fine tune it to perfection. Come see what these dragons can do!


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